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🎵 Listened to Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island [2022] ★★★

💿 Added an album to La Discoteca

Kumoyo Island
Kikagaku Moyo
2022 · psych rock · ★★★

Kikagaku Moyo bid farewell to the world on a high note with their final album. Monaka and Gomugomu are pure dance-floor bliss.

Thank you, Japanase psych rock gurus for 10 years of great music and specially for Forest of Lost Children, which since its release and to this day I consider one of the best albums of the past decade.

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I noticed recently that Together isn’t updating some of my feeds. I’m giving FreshRSS a try with NetNewsWire (iOS) and Fluent (Linux), but I wonder if the problem is Aperture’s fault or something from Together? Any ideas what’s happening @aaronpk @grantcodes?

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🎵 Listened to Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful [2022] ★★★½

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Everything Was Beautiful
2022 · art rock · ★★★½

#Plexamp just reminded me that 25 years ago today Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space was released and only a couple of weeks ago, Spiritualized’s 9th LP came out.

I guess you could say J. Spaceman has been making the same great songs consistently for over 3 decades or that Everything Was Beautiful is a refreshed collection of the band’s best snippets throughout an amazing discography.

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Landed in Europe a couple of weeks ago, first time and already hoping to stay. Sucks to feel privileged while my family are being deprived of a normal life and basically being held hostage by a criminal organization in my village back in 🇨🇴

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🍿 Watched Spider-Man: No Way Home, 2021 - ★★½

Watched on Sunday April 24, 2022.

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↩️ Reply to @emmalouisejay:

EmmaLouiseJay 🕊️
My dog has spoken out more about social leader massacres than Fajardo. He’s also chased paramilitaries away and lost half his teeth and a corner of his ear in the process.

Sounds like a true hero to me. I bet he isn’t that much into ballenas either.

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↩️ Reply to @footballdaily:

Football Daily
🗣 "I wouldn't be playing every game for Manchester United in the starting eleven if I'd been playing bad every game. There's a reason why both managers have put me in the starting eleven every game." Harry Maguire defends his performances after the criticisms he has received

And I was wondering how is he still playing at this level…

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🍿 Watched The Disaster Artist, 2017 - ★★★

Watched on Monday April 18, 2022.

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I hate to love RYM. Once again got my IP banned for opening several pages at once on the site. Thanks @Sonemic for keeping your crowdsource database as closed as possible.

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🍿 Watched Our Lady of the Assassins, 2000 - ★★★

Watched on Sunday April 17, 2022.

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Hace unos días el taxista me decía “En Colombia todavía hay guerrillas porque existen DDHH. Hay que acabar con eso y darle permiso al Ejercito para esterminarlos…” Si aún pasan cosas como la del Putumayo, imagínense la seguridad democrática sin derechos humanos 😨

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🔁 Reposted a post from mastodon.social

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↩️ Reply to jamesvandyne.com:

Despite my intentions to blog as I tweet, I haven’t. Probably as I have yet to automate syndication. I’m torn between doing it with brid.gy or just writing the quick integration myself…Brid.gy would probably require me to add update support to my micropub endpoint.

I can relate. I’ve wanted to do the same on my website (Tanzawa inspired) for long, I got Brid.gy “crossposting” to Twitter and I can manually update syndication links on my Micropub endpoint, but still no way to add that link to my Jekyll site. Manual until it hurts.

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I added a “Repost” type to the website. It was missing because I never used the feature enough to implement it and I was already reposting likes so there was no need for it. I might start retweeting memes now… or I’ll just enjoy the peace in knowing it’s ready to use now.

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🔁 Reposted a tweet by @gaboloaizaperez

Gabo Loaiza
“Me preocupa el auge de la ultraderecha. Soy de izquierdas. Creo en el estado del bienestar. No tengo seguro privado y nunca votaré a quien prometa bajarle los impuestos a los más ricos. Si hay algo que nunca haré en mi vida es votar a la derecha” (Jurgen Klopp).

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