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🎵 Listened to Tim Buckley - Happy Sad (1969)

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Happy Sad

Tim Buckley

1969 · singer-songwriter

💿 La Discoteca: - Happy Sad [1969] ★★★★★

Tim Buckley’s "Happy Sad" is an album that judged upon instrumental interpretations alone stands on its own as an excellent record. But the addition of Tim’s resonant vocal performances make it a true masterpiece of the genre. And even though it’s hard to grasp exactly what genres it belongs to it’s safe to settle somewhere between jazz and psychedelic folk. This is a record that without attempting to brings peace and tranquility, which is something that results from the well placed effects, the versatility of the singer and the melancholic lyrics. When every little piece of “Happy Sad“ comes together so beautifully it charms you and that’s exactly what makes it one of my all time favorite records.

Andrés Cárdenas