Andrés Cárdenas

🇨🇴 Autodidact. Thinking out-loud about Free software, privacy, Football & Rock music.


On the Internet I go by kandr3s, but my name is Andrés Cárdenas.

I’m a 🇨🇴Colombian Autodidact interested in Free software, privacy, ⚽Football, Rock music, Philosophy, Classic novels, documenting and keeping a minimalist life.

I’ve worked as a goldminer, in retail stores, warehouses, call centers, online publications and building websites.

Unless unpractical I use open-source and privacy-respecting 🛠️ tools. I do not actively post on social media, but use this website as my online base to share…

And to read, 👍‍ like and ↩️ reply to posts across the Internet.

As a huge music fan I also share…

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Using GoBlog on this website I also keep private logs of 🚴 Bike Rides, 🗺️ Trips and 🏔️ Hikes I go on and mantain 🏛️ The Wall.

Andrés Cárdenas