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🎵 Listened to Daft Punk - Random Access Memories [2013] ★★★
Random Access Memories
Daft Punk
2013 · · ★★★
Random Access Memories, an Album by Daft Punk. Released 20 May 2013 on Columbia (catalog no. 88883716862; CD). Genres: Disco, Electronic. Rated #24 in the best albums of 2013, and #3570 of all-time album.. Featured peformers: Thomas Bangalter (producer, art direction), Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (producer, art direction), Peter Franco (recording engineer, mixing assistant), Mick Guzauski (recording engineer, mixing), Florian Lagatta (recording engineer), Daniel Lerner (audio engineer), Seth Waldmann (mixing assistant, assistant engineer), Cory Brice (assistant engineer), Nicolas Essig (assistant engineer), Eric Eylands (assistant engineer), Derek Karlquist (assistant engineer), Miguel Lara (assistant engineer), Mike Larson (assistant engineer), Kevin Mills (assistant engineer), Charlie Paakkari (assistant engineer), Bill Rahko (assistant engineer), Kyle Stevens (assistant engineer), Doug Tyo (assistant engineer), Eric Weaver (assistant engineer), Alana De Fonseca (additional engineer), Phil Joly (additional engineer), Bob Ludwig (mastering engineer), Paul Hahn (manager, art direction), Cédric Hervet (director, cover art, art direction), Warren Fu (cover art, illustration, art direction). Source: rateyourmusic.com


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