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Andrés Cárdenas

🇨🇴 Autodidact. Thinking out-lout about Free software, privacy, Football & Rock music.

About this website

This website is my online base. My home on the Internet. From here I share my thoughts with the world. Even though I have profiles on social media the content comes originally from this website. 

kandr3s.co is me as seen online.

Originally a Tumblr blog, I redesigned this website implementing IndieWeb building blocks and principles. These are the free open source tools I used:

  • Jekyll
  • IndieAuth
  • Micropub client & endpoint
  • Aperture
  • Webmention.io
  • Brid.gy
  • Together social reader
  • Webhooks
  • album-art

The website itself is hosted in Netlify and the content is pulled from a GitHub repository.


There are no cookies or ads here. No information about the visitors is or will ever be collected at kandr3s.co.

Comments and webmentions are fetched from its original source elsewhere.

The Tinta en las Cintas Newsletter uses Buttondown.email and collects only a subscriber’s e-mail address. No names, analytics, tracking or spam. Ever.