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🎵 Listened to Nightclubbing by Grace Jones

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Grace Jones

1981 · art pop

The main goal of the listening journal was from the beginning to expose myself to new music and while I knew of Grace Jones and her transition from model to recording artist, I never actually listened to her music. Let alone expect it to be so good. The songs on Nightclubbing are as smooth as they come.

Yes, it borrows from a lot of places, but it creates a slick aesthetic. There’s something incredibly visual about this album. Perhaps it’s the iconic album cover, or is it Jones’ monotonous voice? I don’t know but where Marianne Faithful went heartbroken, Jones went with the catchy hooks. And where Iggy Pop went dark and gloomy, Jones went crazy with the effects.

It is one of those albums that just lives in a world of its own.

Updated: 2023-05-11

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