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‘Racism is normal in La Liga’: Vinícius Júnior | The Guardian

A year ago when I moved to Poland my grandfather warned me about the racism I could experience here or “anywhere in Eastern Europe” he said, but apart from the one drunk guy that shouted terrible things to me in the street I haven’t had to deal with that.

I can’t say the same for my time in Spain where in just ONE DAY there were more “incidents.” So when I see Vinicius Jr., a black Brazilian player that’s subject of racism everywhere he goes in the country, calling the Football League racist, I have to agree.

Unfortunately in Europe it’s like racism and Football go hand in hand and for that reason I’ve stayed away from stadiums here. I can’t help but wonder how can the Spanish people allow for one of the top athletes in the world to be called a “monkey” week in week out and do nothing about it?

And to think that as a kid I proudly wore my Pablito Aimar Valencia shirt… 😥


Andrés Cárdenas
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