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🔗 GitHub Copilot investigation

A poten­tial law­suit against GitHub Copi­lot for vio­lat­ing its legal duties to open-source authors and end users.


Semi-invisible: LOOP, Spacemen 3, and UK psych’s hidden history

Is there space for the return of Spacemen 3?

“People always have this ‘Oh, it’d be so awesome’ attitude,” says Kember. “Maybe it would, maybe it fucking wouldn’t. I mean, did you see the Velvet Underground?” Kember seems content with the legacy of the band as it is. “I’m touched. If someone would have told me way back then the way the band would be thought of over the years we would have just all laughed our heads off and said, ‘Whatever dude, you’re tripping harder than we are.’”

I would love to see a Spacemen 3 reunion, but often think the reason it won’t happen has more to do with morals than Spaceman and Sonic personal differences.

I mean, take a song like “Revolution” for example, as cool as the riffs are I doubt these guys would still stand by its lyrics. I’m a fan but it’s hard not to cringe at such revolution during an opioids crisis.


Buscando un jaguar en la hacienda más grande de Colombia

Un periodista y un fotógrafo se embarcaron en la aventura de encontrar en el Casanare a uno de los felinos más esquivos del mundo. No tuvieron suerte, pero a cambio redescubrieron un lugar extraordinario.


Dream Gazers: The Story of Dream Pop


De memoria: Gabriel García Márquez, pesadillas y canciones

La voz de Gabriel García Márquez contando sus pesadillas, los avatares que pasó en Bogotá y cómo construyó Cien años de soledad. Por primera vez, reunidas en un solo podcast, todas sus declaraciones y sus anécdotas. Su música y los agüeros que se llevó a la tumba.



Brian Eno’s Desert Island Discs - Radio Broadcast 27/01/1991

Brian Eno talks about Backing Vocals, Family being in the postal services, tape recording, Art, wearing ladys clothes and make up.

Also goes on about orchestral music, The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, Rift with Bryan Ferry, background music, videos, lyric writing and his children.


  1. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
  2. Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 - Alu Jon Jonjo Jon
  3. The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
  4. Miles Davis - He Loved Him Madly
  5. Nikolai Ivanovitch Kompaneiski - Herouvimska Pessen
  6. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Too Much Time
  7. Fairuz - Ya Tayr
  8. Dorothy Love Coates - Lord Don’t Forget About Me (Castaway Favourite)

Book Choice: Contingency, Irony and Solidarity - Richard Rorty

Luxury Choice: Radio Telescope


Typewriter habits | Butterick’s Practical Typography

…many bad typography habits have been left over from the typewriter era. Here, I’ve collected them in one list.

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