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#NowPlaying: Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley

As the posts about Bowie keep appearing on my dashboard, I seem to be getting more and more into another great artist that left this world (many years ago), Jeff Buckley. I’m already a huge fan of his father, Tim Buckley. In fact, Tim remains one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, he’s right up there with Dylan, Cohen and Young. The problem with Jeff is that unlike his father and Bowie, he only recorded a full-length album, an excellent, nearly perfect album titled Grace released back in 1994. Everybody Here Wants You is a song off what would be his sophomore record which would have been titled My Sweetheart, the Drunk, but unsatisfied with the material he had recorded the album release was postponed and Jeff died tragically before he could finish it, hence the name of this collection Sketches for My Sweetheart, the Drunk. 

I remember watching a couple of years ago the film Greetings from Tim Buckley, and I recall that in the film Jeff tried too hard to blow away the comparisons between him and his father while having a hard time recognizing the influence of his father’s music on his own art. But the similarities are all there and they just can’t be ignored. The vocal range being the most obvious one, it’s perhaps also their standout skill, as it allowed them to create variety of things that other artists in the same genre weren’t even trying, take Tim’s Lorca and the diversity, mixture and versatility of Jeff on Sketches for My Sweetheart, the Drunk as example. I find the connection between them fascinating and Jeff Buckley seems to be the only artist I can listen to these days, I’m eager to listen You & I which is a compilation of lost tracks by Jeff.

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