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🎧 Listens: 2021-04-30

Looking for my next favorite album in record stores and on the Internet is one of my joys in life. This is my attempt at keeping track of every record I enjoyed over the years. I like to call it: La Discoteca.

💽 Disc-o-what?

In essence, you’ve stumbled upon my music journal…

Animated GIF from the movie High Fidelity highlighting the album Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan

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Rains all over Medellín again.
The country is in chaos.
Here’s nothing but guitar sounds. 

A playlist from April 2021.

Neil Young
Are You Passionate? · 2002

Night Society
Silver Jews
American Water · 1998

Enough Fun
Mute Swan
Only Ever · 2021

Ambulance LTD
LP · 2004

PJ Harvey
Rid Of Me · 1993
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Spooky · 1992

The House of Love
The House Of Love · 1988-06

25th Floor
Patti Smith
Easter · 1978

Virginia Plain
Roxy Music
Roxy Music · 1972
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March Day
Drunk Tank Pink · 2021
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The Worst Band In The World
Sheet Music · 1974

Fire at Static Valley
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! · 2021
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Cancer For The Cure
Electro-Shock Blues · 1998
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