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🎧 Listens: 2022-02

Looking for my next favorite album in record stores and on the Internet is one of my joys in life. This is my attempt at keeping track of every record I enjoyed over the years. I like to call it: La Discoteca.

💽 Disc-o-what?

In essence, you’ve stumbled upon my music journal…

Animated GIF from the movie High Fidelity highlighting the album Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan

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🎵 Listened to Beach House - Once Twice Melody (2022)

Album rating

Once Twice Melody

Beach House

2022 · post-punk


🎵 Listened to The Creatures - Feast (1983)

Album rating


The Creatures

1983 · art-pop, post-punk

What an amazing discovery!

“a lush, tropical experience” is the only right way to describe it and all that needs to be said about this sexy album.


🎵 Listened to Franco Battiato - La voce del padrone (1981)

Album rating

La voce del padrone

Franco Battiato

1981 · art-pop

Andrés Cárdenas