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🎧 Listens: 2023-02-28

Looking for my next favorite album in record stores and on the Internet is one of my joys in life. This is my attempt at keeping track of every record I enjoyed over the years. I like to call it: La Discoteca.

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In essence, you’ve stumbled upon my music journal…

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🎵 Listened to The Money Store by Death Grips

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The Money Store

Death Grips

2012 · hip hop

I’m not sure if it’s that I just don’t get this or it simply doesn’t resonates with me, but I just don’t get it 🤷🏽‍♂️ (yet)

I’ve Seen Footage actually reminded me of The Northern Boys’ viral hit Party Time, for example. As someone slowly trying to make his way into Hip Hop I can’t say whether this will stand the test of time sonically. As for the lyrics they already sound dated. Perhaps this is one of those albums that require a specific “mindset” which I lack at the moment? I feel like there’s nothing I can say about it. I was supposed to choose between this and The Roots’ Phrenology. Perhaps I chose incorrectly.

But you never know, maybe eventually this will click for me, who knows? I remember not finding My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless particularly good the first few listens and now I consider it a perfect album. And there are not many of those around. So, for the time being I couldn’t recommend The Money Store but some day I will?

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