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Looking for my next favorite album in record stores and on the Internet is one of my joys in life. This is my attempt at keeping track of every record I enjoyed over the years. I like to call it: La Discoteca.

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🎧 Listened to 13 by Blur

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1999 · art rock

When it comes to pop, I’m probably not your guy. So it makes sense for me to have avoided Blur, a band known for helping shape Britpop, but after consistently blasting “Girls & Boys” towards the end of last year it seemed only reasonable for me to explore their music.

As is often the case with bands with such ethos it’s hard to decide where to begin. “13” happens to be the album on which the band is trying to lean more towards experimenting with new sounds instead of sticking with the pop bangers they are known for. I thought this was the perfect entry point for me.

Well, there are plenty of pop beats here and I absolutely love them. The obvious suspects “Tender”, “Coffee & TV” and “No Distance Left to Run” will get regularly play from here on but it’s “Battle” that really stands out for me. It’s easy to get lost in its stunning feedback which contrasts beautifully with the suave vocals. It all feels kindly folded in a drone-y vibe that swings like far-away church bell rings. It’s really beautiful.

I am happy to have discovered this but kinda sad it took so long 😅

Andrés Cárdenas