Welcome to my Microblog.

Here’s what I’ve been saying…

Thanks for the welcome, James. And specially for taking the time to point out fixes, really appreciated! I'm still trying to figure some things out, but will work on it.

This is a status update using Quill. If everything went well it should show up on my website and feeds, Twitter and Mastodon. If you are reading this it probably worked.

I’ll call it a weekend well spent!

I think I have finally setup Webmentions on my static site. That’s right, I’m joining the IndieWeb.

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Man, these are hard to get working! I’m not even sure if it’s all properly set up, but here’s another attempt.

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Hello, IndieWeb!

Just joined @voltfm_ volt.fm/kandr3s, definitely an improvement on the generic Spotify profile. I might give Pro a try, just wish it was open source. Only problem I see is that if successful why wouldn’t Spotify implement the concept themselves?

I might have finally found the Notion replacement in Standard Notes🤞

“A walk through Arví Park.”

Here’s Billy boy.

I said it before but I’ll say it again: This is the only Apple product that I ever been remotely excited about https://youtu.be/hWq7a8Tin8g

Hello, Fediverse!