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↳ Reply to: Embracing obscurity

One of the things I like about blogging is how allusive and suggestive you can be. On social media you respond directly to someone else’s bon mot, but on a blog you can explore an idea in its own space. You have to explicitly create the link between your thought and anything that informed it. Similarly, often we can sense who is reading us through what they publish on their blog. Even if they’re not, this recognition of familiar thoughts adds a layer of meaning and interest. In this spirit of…

Completely understand the decision of not displaying Webmentions and actually agree there are more benefits in that approach on a static site.

I am glad you kept the endpoint up though because in my case it’s irrelevant whether my comment or thumbs-up is displayed, what’s important for me as a reader on the IndieWeb is to let you know I’m enjoying being subscribed to your RSS Feed (hopefully for the next 15 years of TDP! 🎉).

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