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Each one of these works as a soundtrack.
Each one of these tells a story.
Each song included is linked to a place, person or conversation.
This is a collection of memories made out of other people’s art.

Raining Again Raining Again - April 2021
Yanoharés Yanoharés - February 2021
Sintiembres Sintiembres - December 2020
Uncertainty Uncertainty - August 2020
Post(blank) Post(blank) - June 2020
Days go by Days go by - April 2020
Renewed Renewed - February 2020
End scene End scene - December 2019
Transitions Transitions - October 2019
Clear Skies Clear Skies - August 2019
Brighter Days Brighter Days - June 2019
Peace of Mind Peace of Mind - April 2019
A New Path A New Path - February 2019

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