avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)

A Longer Year

It’s been a year since I last posted something personal to the Internet. Little has happened really. Much like everyone else the pandemic vanished me, each quarantine disconnected me from the machines and the people that made me love or hate living.

However, each quarantine also brought along a new sobering layer of solitude and I realized I had nothing to say so I quietly removed myself from the Internet, lost all the connections to realize only a year later that everyone is online. Because everyone’s got something to say, everyone wants bits of attention.

This post might seem at least half a year late but this therapeutic experience called 2020 was a longer year because in many ways, for many people, it hasn’t ended yet, I’m wrapping it up once and for all just now. I’ve been humbled by this strange experience and after a year of isolation (and still with not much to say) I really feel like there needs to be more of me out here.