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Down By the River

Just made it back to Warsaw after a few days of kayaking and camping down the Black Haczna river near the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian border. The furthest East (and far away from home) I have ever been.

I wasn’t expecting the flora in the still freezing (for me) waters to be so fascinating that the mind wanders with the current. The scenery is really astonishing, families of swans and ducks greeting along the way, sunbathing wild horses and I even got to see a majestic moose for the first time!

Internet connected screens are banned on these kind of trips for me, I take my dumb Nokia phone to use as clock, map and in case of emergencies, but this time I prepared 100 minutes of music, meant to sound like the Radio Paradise Rock Mix and played once by the fire, it served its purpose.

With only 48 MB of available storage I was left with just enough space for one shot on the 3.2 megapixel camera, but I only recalled right before we headed back home. So, as it’s often the case, if Oniona didn’t take better pictures this is yet another tattooed memory to be treasured as-is.

A sunset from a bridge near the border between Poland and Belarus.

In other news, after a week my Feed reader is still full of articles about Apple products I’ll probably never use… and I was unreasonably worried about losing my Duolingo streak, which they maintained anyways…

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