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In February ‘23

When life is slow it’s often that little happens even in 30 28 days to fill up a blog post. But here we’re at the end of February for a proper update.

  • First week of the month I was let go at work. I had been working from May 2019 so I was planning on taking a couple of months off with the severance money. The company had other plans though.

  • That kind of put me in a terrible mood that only started to wane off when we traveled by train to the in-laws. What a novelty! Traveling by train, I mean. You see, there are no trains in Colombia. I used to think it was probably too expensive to maintain, but nothing beats the general convenience of trains. The new President spoke recently about building a railway to connect the Pacific to the Caribbean the whole country just laughed 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • While visiting Oniona’s parents, she had her birthday so we went to the grandparents to celebrate. I read recently an article that said Duolingo is not a good way to learn a language. I’m almost at my first 2 month streak learning and after being left alone at the table with Grandpa whom only speaks Polish and ending up laughing and drinking vodka with him, I beg to differ 😅

  • Spoke to my grandma on the phone last night. Normally my family just asks me for photos of snow (regardless of the month, actually) but this time she told me the whole village was getting ready to shut down because one of the “gangs” in the area ordered so. Once again they need to send a message at the expense of the people. My family earns their living selling the farm’s harvest and now they can’t generate income for as long as the bad guys are busy with their “message.” 

  • I’ve found myself with more free time on these freezing lands recently, I was finally able to work a bit on my personal projects and kind of started my first ever spring cleaning a bit earlier 😁 

  • On the website I started working on a new plugin. I have used Huginn (an IFTTT-like tool) to own a copy of any diary entries on Letterboxd with movies marked as watched, never had any problems with the system really, but it seems I enjoy keeping myself busy fixing what isn’t broken so the plugin should accomplish exactly the same. I’m stuck figuring out the final bits and might need to ask ChatGPT for help. So yeah, in February I accepted that, unlike Liverpool FC lately, the machines won.

  • I am also sending CVs and looking for a new job. Back home I have experience and a skill that basically guarantees a job there: speaking English. Here in Poland I’m the guy with no college education or proper communication skills. But I’m looking and something might come up.

  • I was expecting this post to be light and short like February, which has been a so-so month really. But it turned out a bit long and dark, at least in that sense it was a bit like the month. Hopefully the next one, both the post and month, will be a lot lighter since the sun is coming out these days ⛅

The Logs

📺 Watched:

  • Funny Pages, 2022 - ★★★: A weirdly funny tale of the artist’s search for “soul.”
  • Amsterdam, 2022 - ★★★: Mark E. Smith’s asks a very important question on The Fall’s Hex Enduction Hour and this movie gave me the entertaining answer.

📚 Read (or didn’t 😅)

  • Haven’t (and didn’t even touch during the month) Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Goal for March.

🎧 Listened

  • Dangerous Acquaintances by Marianne Faithfull
  • Let’s Start Here. by Lil Yachty
  • This Stupid World by Yo La Tengo
  • The Money Store by Death Grips
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