avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)

Fearing the end

I fear for the end.

I see a lot of people planning for “when this is over” and even though we don’t know when, there will be an end. I wonder if the world will return to “normal.”

“Normal” is not necessarily good with all the awful and important things that we never paid much attention to. But “normal” worked, at last I felt stable and content.

A virus is killing thousands all over the world, entire countries are in quarantine, families forced to spend time together, children locked in small houses… what are the psychological effects of this? If this extends for months how will it shape human behavior? What about the economy? It feels like in this country more people will die of hunger than because of the virus.

Everything has been disrupted. The bad thing about quarantine is not being locked, I enjoy that, is feeling stuck. Because everything and everyone had to be stopped. At times, it feels as if life as we know it has come to an end.