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In January ‘23

Inspired by some IndieWeb folks I decided to start recapping the month in blog posts. This is the beginning of the series 😊

  • I started the year with a walk in the forest. It’s my first New Year’s abroad. I enjoyed the Polish Holiday season, it’s peaceful and quiet, unlike at home where it’s more unpredictable and LOUD.

  • As someone that had never in his life even seen snow I was eager to see everything frozen and covered in white, like in the movies! 😅 Well, while I did experience snow (and it was amazing!) I feel like the movies lied because it’s snowed like 3 or 4 times since December. 

    Everyone seems happy about it though and they told me it’s true that everything used to get covered in snow for weeks, but I guess that’s Global Warming for us. 

    As I finish writing this paragraph it has started snowing 😂

  • On the new year’s resolutions were 2 new daily habits: journaling and learning Polish on Duolingo. 

    I’ve known for long DayOne is just the best journaling app out there, but it not being cross-platform meant I could only use it on my tiny iPhone and I journal mostly on my Linux Laptop, it simply wasn’t worth the subscription. Well, this quote, discovering by chance the beta Web app and its regional pricing made me subscribe.

    I had never used iOS widgets before, but they have helped keep that streak going on both DayOne and Duolingo!

  A screenshot of my homescreen highlighting iOS widgets for DayOne (30 days streak) and Duolingo (28 days streak)

  • I’m not sure if this is how it goes as you get older, but it bothers me that I’m not listening to as much new music as I used to. I want to explore, discover and engage with music in a way that’s more meaningful than having algorithmic recommendations as background noise. So, this year I am making an effort by searching for the most interesting records I have never heard. I’m documenting the journey and inviting anyone who wants their music recommendations coming from a human being to join me.

  • I wrote a “Now Playing” plugin for GoBlog. I’m satisfied with the functionality, not so much with the code yet. It’s simple and perhaps would fit better in the Internet of 15 years ago, but I’m liking having on my profile the song I’m currently listening to instead of an overpriced blue check.

    It also means I’m finally learning the basics of Go, which is something I’ve been putting off for far too long. I will share the plugin once its three lines of code are decent 😅

  • A couple of posts for and against “Likes” have popped up on my Feeds. I like “Likes” but rarely use them. I have sent a couple of “Webmention Likes” because what better way to show appreciation on the web than by having someone else’s link on my website? That said, I have recently started proactively hitting that ⭐ button more often on Fosstodon.

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