avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)

Modern Slaves

Bukowski was right. 9-to-5ers are the modern slaves.

The whole world is in chaos. Health systems collapsed, countries in shambles and “collective” isolation, in many cases imposed.

We’re told the situation is delicate, but we don’t have much time to think about it, we must go to bed early, we’ve got the morning shift.

This one caught us off guard. We flex about our place in the universe, our intellect and superiority in comparision with other beings is so vast we’re not even in the same level. Humans > Animal. But is it? We (they) are still trying to figure out this one out, they’re trying to find ways to cope with the current situation knowing it can only get worse. Thinking of a immediate solution seems delusional. Many have died and many more will die. How many of those deaths can be linked to the everlasting need for revenue? In many places companies won’t stop. All of the sudden jobs are essential, they won’t see it the same way when the discussion for a fair wage is re-started.

Large amounts of money in the pockets of a few over public health. Wealth over life. Same old story.

We’re the modern slaves. Escape it or embrace it.