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OFF Festival 2022

A weekend in Katowice, Poland for OFF Festival.

Iggy Pop performing at Off Festival 2022 in Katowice, Poland

When Iggy Pop was in Medellín a few years ago and I couldn’t go I thought my one chance to see the legend had passed me by. I was wrong and still can’t believe I got to see Iggy Pop in concert.

But I was probably as eager to see Squid which are indeed the most exciting Rock band these days and my first post-pandemic pogo!

Squid performing at OFF Festival 2022

As angsty teenager I listened (and fantasized) to Ride’s Nowhere, so catching them playing the album in its entirety was like being “In A Different World

I had no expectations when I stopped by Mdou Moctar and Crows, because I had never listened to them before, but both turned out to be great energy concerts. In contrast DIIV, whose albums I’ve enjoyed in the past, were kinda boring on stage. Doused ruled though.

And Oniona convinced me to attend a surprisingly good Dry Cleaning concert. I didn’t enjoy their debut album much, but after such a great show I will be checking the next one for sure.

Bikini Kill just killed it on Saturday night. It’s like Kathleen Hannah never gets tired and single-handedly carries the whole band.

Standing in a street in Katowice, Poland

On closing day Yard Act were amazing. Their vocalist turned out to be linked to the city of Katowice as he recently found out his grandfather was a Polish immigrant in Leeds who had to change his name. They actually have a song about it!

OFF Festival was a great experience, but more importantly my first ever music festival in European lands.

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