avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)

Replacing RateYourMusic.com

After RateYourMusic banned my IP without any explanation, finding out is a common practice of them and being unable to browse their website with a VPN (in 2022!) I started looking for a replacement.

It’s been 7 years since the RYM/Sonemic crowdfunding campaign and here we are, with minor UI improvements and small new features, but still without an API or even a functional user RSS feed. “Unfortunate limitations” that almost seem like an attempt to keep people from making the best out of the user-built database.

They allow users to export their data in a plaintext file, but until they allow users to build on top what exists RateYourMusic remains another walled garden.

The truth is there are no real alternatives and with an arbitrary ban on-going (it was eventually revoked) I decided to integrate RYM into my this website. Because luckily I only use the service to keep track of album ratings, but this situation gave me the chance to finally look into integrating that functionality in my website.

It was as simple as adding a form to my micropub client and using album-art to fetch album covers. Now I’m building my very own Discoteca here, on my website.