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The Singing Brooms: Get Back

There was a time when I thought of The Beatles as the greatest Rock band ever. Rubber Soul basically redefined music for me, but these days unless it’s Sgt. Pepper’s… or Magical Mystery Tour that’s being discussed I find it hard to get too excited about them.

I’ve seen the ads and several people I follow talking about Get Back, the new documentary sheding light on the events leading to the mythical rooftop concert and the creative process behind Let It Be, a solid record with clear signs of a declining group, but also the weakest album in the post-boyband era of The Beatles.

After the uninspiring Apple documentary about The Velvet Underground, which didn’t do the New York band any justice, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this one.

There’s joy in seeing how the songs that millions now know and love developed, I also enjoyed seeing the Fab Four jamming to songs from their Quarrymen days, written and composed when they were teenagers, but I really couldn’t get pass the George Harrison underappreciation. And just to think of almost 9 hours of runtime felt exhausting.

Yoko Ono is present during the jamming sessions and the rehearsals, no other wife/girlfriend is around, to me it certainly feels wrong and while I expect that to frustrate a lot of fans my position is quite far from that of people that to this day believes she broke the band.

It’s heartbreaking to see a defeated Harrison insist on having a few softer tunes that could be tried, he also passionately explains the ideas that only 6 months later would become the first triple album in the history of music, All Things Must Pass, while raising little to no interest from the other members, yet somehow it was Yoko’s fault. Non-sense, right?

I think I would’ve LOVED this documentary 10 years ago, when the only band I listened to (and this is not an exaggeration) were the singing brooms1. Today, a single episode of Get Back and the countless and deeply personal Beatles related musical memories are enough.

I can’t finish without saying no person should go a lifetime without listening to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, or Magical Mystery Tour. Seriously.

  1. Las escobas que cantan (the singing brooms) was the title of the first Colombian vinyl pressing of Meet The Beatles.