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Tumblr sucks

Does anyone know how much trash is Tumblr actually putting alongside people's content? It can't be just the ads making everything on the platform so slow load.

Does anyone know how much trash is Tumblr actually putting alongside people’s content?

The service is unusable these days, I know the web of the late 90’s is cool again but I’m sure in 2021 we don’t want the pain of waiting up to 15 seconds for a 300kb image to load.

Deciding to host my website on the platform was a mistake.

Previously I mentioned the sentimental value of Tumblr to me. It’s the big reason I decided to try a more convenient setup for my online posting (as if I posted a lot😅). The simplified story is this: almost a decade ago I found an interesting tumblog and even though the person running it lived across the world we managed to meet and liked each other enough to be living together now. So, thank you Tumblr, but unfortunately this changing gear experiment is over. I guess eventually we’ll mourn your Internet death too.

Lesson re-learned: convenient isn’t necessarily better.

But to be honest in this case it wasn’t even convenient. Seriously, it can’t be just the ads that are making everything on the once-loved platform so slow. That’s just the web of today, filled with corporate garbage. No wonder people have been so much into podcasts and newsletters in recent years.

The reliable solution has always been self-hosting one’s content. And even though that’s always been the case of this website until recently, the whole Jekyll/Github/Netlify that I used was clumsy, to say the least.

Enter Netlify CMS. I like this thing enough to want to give it a try as a Notion replacement. I am really looking for one? Any ideas? Let me know.

I really regret not giving it a try earlier. I was able to setup an interface that’s clean, accomplishes exactly what I need it to AND keeps it all lightweight!

While I was setting things up an idea came to me. I’ve never posted much on social media, I have had a Twitter profile for years now but I used it mostly to follow political news, but this workflow is so smooth that I decided to give crossposting a try. I’ve built my own Timeline in a Notes page and put that last free IFTTT recipe to good use.

I’ll make sure to make a note this time:

Giving up on self-hosting will always be a mistake.