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Hace unos días el taxista me decía “En Colombia todavía hay guerrillas porque existen DDHH. Hay que acabar con eso y darle permiso al Ejercito para exterminarlos…” Si aún pasan cosas como la del Putumayo, imagínense la seguridad democrática sin derechos humanos 😨

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Despite my intentions to blog as I tweet, I haven’t. Probably as I have yet to automate syndication. I’m torn between doing it with brid.gy or just writing the quick integration myself…Brid.gy would probably require me to add update support to my micropub endpoint.

I can relate. I’ve wanted to do the same on my website (Tanzawa inspired) for long, I got Brid.gy “crossposting” to Twitter and I can manually update syndication links on my Micropub endpoint, but still no way to add that link to my Jekyll site. Manual until it hurts.

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I added a “Repost” type to the website. It was missing because I never used the feature enough to implement it and I was already reposting likes so there was no need for it. I might start retweeting memes now… or I’ll just enjoy the peace in knowing it’s ready to use now.

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Gabo Loaiza
“Me preocupa el auge de la ultraderecha. Soy de izquierdas. Creo en el estado del bienestar. No tengo seguro privado y nunca votaré a quien prometa bajarle los impuestos a los más ricos. Si hay algo que nunca haré en mi vida es votar a la derecha” (Jurgen Klopp).
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Los Bitchos have got the formula to make Cumbia worldwide appealing and that’s awesome. I’ll give your album a listen when I have the time. Thanks for checking the list 👍🏽

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2022 it’s been a great year for music. I’m sharing some of the albums I’m enjoying the most at https://kandr3s.co/albums/2022

Duster’s 4th record “Together” is so far (and by far) the best this year.

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🎵 Listened to Duster - Together [2022] ★★★½

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2022 · slowcore · ★★★½
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🎵 Listened to Gavin Bryars - The Sinking of the Titanic [1975] ★★★½

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The Sinking of the Titanic
Gavin Bryars
1975 · minimal · ★★★½

This album came up randomly on Plexamp Radio, 15 minutes in my reaction was “What is this amazing music?!”

I looked it up and lo and behold: Brian Eno produced it. Beautiful Ethereal/Gospel absolutely worth anyone’s time.

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EmmaLouiseJay 🕊️
Qué deprimente posibilidad de Fico y Placa
🇨🇴 En Español

More like Fico y Plomo…es-lo-que-hay™

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📚 Finished reading:

The Republic
ISBN: 9780140449143
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🎵 Listened to Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film [1999] ★★★★

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Teenage Snuff Film
Rowland S. Howard
1999 · ★★★★
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Since the pandemic I’ve lived in one city, worked remotely for companies in two countries and slept in time zones in three different continents. Am I a hopeless circadian rhythm seeker?

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How many coffee cups a day is the healthy amount? “None” is not an acceptable answer.

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I didn’t register to vote in the city I’m currently living in so I could use elections as an excuse to go to my hometown. Had a blast reuniting with family and friends I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic.

In the primaries I voted for Francia Márquez, a black feminist woman who’s been putting privileged men in their place in every single debate she’s been in. Wish she did better, but now I’m really hoping she will be our vice-president. For Senate, as always, I went with the left.

This year it seems like for the first time in over 200 years the country might have a leftist government. If the current political scenario took place 20-25 years ago there would’ve been at least a couple of candidates assassinated.

Peace is just around the corner. I’m really hopeful for the future 🕊️🇨🇴