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That's good news on the "custom permalinks" front, right? 🤞

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🔖 Bookmark: Tranzyt Rustykalny

Autorski niecodziennik muzyczny. Wszystko od jazzu po dream pop. Muzyka osobliwa, głośna i aksamitna. Zapraszam.

Music blog in Polish.

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🍿 Watched King Size, 1988 - ★★★

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I installed Tanzawa. It's amazing. Seriously amazing.

I feel right at home using its UI. I'm loving testing it locally, but there's two things I haven't figure out:

1. What's the best way to import content from markdown files? My goal is to import my Jekyll website and I think at the moment there's 2 ways to do it.

  • Manually creating new posts on the Tanzawa Dashboard by copying and pasting the content and then manually changing the dates through the Django Settings.

  • Exporting the Jekyll post files to Wordpress, exporting the Wordpress site and then importing it into Tanzawa.

Is there an alternative to these options?

2. Custom link support.

I couldn't find a way to create an /about or /now page. I tried having entries with custom set permalinks, but was unable to find such option. I think this might be my fault by missing something in the documentation and I'd appreciate some help.

Thank you for open sourcing this project.

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I havent tried Jekyll in a bit but I definitely recommend Eleventy for speed

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Benji.

I didn't realize it was such a huge task to do the whole switch, I was wrong thinking all the Liquid templates would just work out of the box. It's gonna take a couple of weekends to finish the move I guess.

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🍿 Rewatched The Godfather, 1972 - ★★★★★

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🍿 Rewatched The Godfather: Part II, 1974 - ★★★★½

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🍿 Watched Hachi: A Dog's Tale, 2009 - ★★

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🎵 Listened to Faust - Faust IV [1973] ★★★★

💿 Added an album to La Discoteca under Albums I ❤

Faust IV
1973 · · ★★★★
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Waiting 2 years for the second one is a long time though, but I am convinced this guy will deliver.

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Finally went to the cinema to watch Dune. Oh dear! It is the most epic buildup I've experienced at the movies. I knew Villeneuve was gonna knock it out of the park.

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↩️ Reply to www.thisdaysportion.com:

I faced the same dilemma recently, but here's the thing, even though I built websites for a living in the past, the truth is I am not a pro web dev and this is all quite technical.

I decided to implement (WIP) webmentions, micropub and everything IndieWeb because I've found value in learning about it.

There's still some things I need to figure out, but I'm gonna stick with receiving webmentions notifications on RSS and displaying my likes/replies to posts around the web as social notes.

I'd say if it's already setup and it doesn't affect your workflow, stick with it, invest that time and energy on writing new posts. I'm sure like me there's lots of people that enjoy them.

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🍿 Watched Dune, 2021 - ★★★★

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It’s setting up a dark mode based on OS config the right way to do it?

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Looks like the joy of Man Utd 0 - 5 Liverpool from the weekend has gotten me through the week!