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Up-Tight: The Velvet Underground Story
Victor Bokris, Gerard Malanga

Had this on my “to-read” pile for a while. Finished it on my last train trip. Enjoyed particularly the bits about the infamous band reunion in the 90’s.

I knew about Lou Reed’s obnoxiousness, but in reality he was as talented as a songwriter as he was a monumental jerk. It was quite surprising to learn that The Velvet Underground were a “no girls allowed” band at the beginning. It’s hard to imagine that since the line-up on the banana album includes two of the most badass women in Rock’n’Roll: Maureen Tucker and Nico, whose biography I just picked up.

Reed might have written the songs but I think it was John Cale that gave them their edge. That’s where the real genius was. After reading this Sterling Morrison remains my favorite member and perhaps the most underrated of them all.

No mention whatsoever of “Squeeze” here and fairly so. The only people in the world to consider that a VU album are Doug Yule and Steve “breadfan” Sesnick.

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