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Semi-invisible: LOOP, Spacemen 3, and UK psych’s hidden history

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Is there space for the return of Spacemen 3?

“People always have this ‘Oh, it’d be so awesome’ attitude,” says Kember. “Maybe it would, maybe it fucking wouldn’t. I mean, did you see the Velvet Underground?” Kember seems content with the legacy of the band as it is. “I’m touched. If someone would have told me way back then the way the band would be thought of over the years we would have just all laughed our heads off and said, ‘Whatever dude, you’re tripping harder than we are.’”

I would love to see a Spacemen 3 reunion, but often think the reason it won’t happen has more to do with morals than Spaceman and Sonic personal differences.

I mean, take a song like “Revolution” for example, as cool as the riffs are I doubt these guys would still stand by its lyrics. I’m a fan but it’s hard not to cringe at such revolution during an opioids crisis.


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