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Tinta en las Cintas

Around 9 years ago I wrote my first post about music online. I’ve been writing here and there about the music I’m passionate about ever since.

During this time I’ve created Tinta en las Cintas to share some of my highlighted discoveries and talk about them in Spanish. I also made an index of absolutely essential albums, built playlists and lists of albums and even tried to make video-essays… It’s clear that there’s so much music I can’t just not talk about, but also that I haven’t found a comfortable format to share it.

Nevermind the Blogs! Here’s El Mixtape!

So from blog posts, lists and playlists Tinta en las Cintas (translates Ink on the Tracks, and it’s inspired by Bob Dylan’s 1975 album Blood on the Tracks) emerged as hazy idea with a clear purpose: to serve as a document of my love for music. A document that today shapes itself into El Mixtape.

El Mixtape is my music journal, one that in the sense of any traditional journal is personal, built from conversations, places and memories. It includes my voice in my native language, but it says a lot more through other people’s music and even though is mostly for myself, I’m sharing it here for anyone that wants to listen.

This is Vol. 1: my life in a mixtape.

Andrés Cárdenas
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